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to plant a seed
a long time ago, perhaps too long ago for me to remember,
there was something inside me, a fire that died to an ember.
this inferno burned all i contained out of existance.
it scared my mind, leaving emotions out of rememberance.
the land was infertile, nothing could grow,
many had tried, but for all of their effort, there was nothing to show
out of all the seeds planted, every one died
the soil was dead, there was no nutrition to hide
i looked upon this world later, and my shock was plain.
there was something in the soil it could not contain.
i saw the architect of this invention, and looked at a woman completely immeasuerable
every second of her sight was infinitely pleasuerable
she wiped the clouds away, and let the sun glow
then on cue the water started in a beautiful flow.
she dug her fingers deep looking for something i thought lost.
she looked at it, and knew the cost.
i went to her side and asked her "how did you know?"
"before you can understand, much needs to grow."she stood
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just a thought
I've done the math and I've found the time
I've convinced myself this is no crime
I know what I'm doing, I'm not lost
The only downside is the cost
Hearts will break, times will change
Maybe in time it won't seem so strange
We had a good run, it lasted a while
But in the end this is our one last trial
All the pain and every fight
Led us to this one last night
The pain will come and it will go
But after it all you will know
The world may be cruel, but to you I was nice
I realized that despite your virtue you were my greatest vice.
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Mature content
morbid suicide :iconultrarant:ultrarant 4 20
Mature content
worst.break-up.ever. :iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 3
pretty damn awkward
when i was alone, you were there for me
and i can't believe i couldnt see
see it coming. the day you would miss me
when the day would come that, alone you would be
now at this point i follow this line of reasoning
if you knew what i had become, you would be running
but if you want to come near me,
then maybe we will see
to be honest im not that bad of a person
being evil all day isn't the way to do it, if you dont want things to worsen
im only evil when it's most fun
only when im outnumbered at the least three to one.
i guess if you need me, i will be there
but what you did to me was completely unfair
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Mature content
step-mothers :iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 11
Mature content
the true effects of death :iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 3
Mature content
abuse :iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 5
as i sit here in my room alone
i think about what i want on my tombstone
time goes by as my mind runs around
the doctors say there is no cure to be found
so here i am, im trying to remain happy
here i am, doing my best not to be snappy
death has knocked on my door before
and the doctors said i wouldnt have to worry anymore
but i guess they were wrong
the sickness came back, and this time its too strong
the sickness has changed me
into something i never wished to be
now im so sick i can barely walk
it hit my throat so hard i can barely talk
i am fourteen years old
and soon, the end of my life will unfold
as i sit here in my room crying
im quite aware that im dying.
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Mr. Manic Depression
we work, we sweat, we dig, we toil
you make it treacherous work digging in this soil
we break our backs trying to give you want you want
but there is no end in sight for that particular hunt
one day we will break these ties that bind
one day we will laugh when we've left you behind
you think you have the strength to control my life
you think you can get away with causing me strife
you labeled me a failure
but i cant take your labels any longer
if this label were physical, even if it were in my brain
i would get rid of it, because it puts me under so much strain.
you say that i will work under you until the day i die
but, between you and me, i know thats  a lie
you just sit there and try
try to make me cry
but your efforts will just frustrate you
because im breaking free from, guess who
and i must say, you have an unhealthy obsession
with trying to keep me down, Mr. Manic Depression
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Mature content
designed by the devil :iconultrarant:ultrarant 1 5
question your existnce
what if all the things you see right now
were to disappear somehow
would you lose your mind?
if you did, would it be hard to find?
you keep looking, but it's gone and ran away
now you're stuck mindless, and you're here to stay
what if you could really see into me,
would be disgusted by what you would see?
what if, in me, you found you're own personal savior
would it change your behavior?
what if all of the people you think you know
were really just souls, and their bodies were buried in snow
would you no longer look into their eyes?
would you consider it unwise?
what if you could look into your reflection
and not see yourself with the infection
the infection of not being able to see yourself as you will be
the infection that stops you from being able to truly see
what if you didnt need your body to survive?
what if, without it, your mind would thrive?
what if you woke up one day, to find that you were all alone
and for everyone else, there was only one grave stone
what if you dreamed t
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Mature content
posession :iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 0
Mature content
666 is my digits, gimme a call :iconultrarant:ultrarant 1 0
my heart
my disease my infection, my anomaly,
why is it you must plague me?
you pulse you beat you thump,
but it is infected blood you pump.
the devils speak of the manor in which you will manifest.
angels die from the tainted touch of my caress.
you are too impure for my vocabulary.
wont you just for once log yourself in my obituary?
you fight against your master's will.
you pump despite the fact that his will is ill.
i wont let you fall apart it says to me,
life isnt so bad, one day, you will see.
each day i make you stronger ,
soon you will feel this pain no longer.
:iconultrarant:ultrarant 1 9
the facade
this is just one more facade
this is just one more heart sawed
both pieces fall to the ground
both pieces are withered, and in thorns, crowned.
this heart once belonged to a man both strong and fast
this heart was torn apart by its not so pleasant past
this facade was the final straw in the fall of the heart.
this facade in particular, was fun from the very start.
i a master of the facade
i am worthy of applaud
this game is fun, i never give in
this game is mine, and i always win.
:iconultrarant:ultrarant 0 0

Random Favourites

You cut yourself with a knife
And watch the blood drain
You plan to end your life
Put an end to the pain
But you only get one life to live
Don't just throw it away
It's too much to give
Just because you had a bad day
The tears slip down my cheeks
As my eyes scan the screen
The answer I must seek
What does this message mean?
You sent me a last goodbye
Words a friend never wants to get
Knowing you're going to die
Makes me so sick
My stomach flips
And my organs grind
I bite my lip
Trying to clear my mind
How could you do this?
The future ahead of you
Don't you know how much you'll be missed?
If this is what you choose to do
I cry and cry
My tears don't stop
My best friend just can't die
Tears continue to drop
The pain I just can't stand
As I shake and sob, tears flowing steady
Tissue in hand
My knife sharp and ready
I glance at the shiny blade
But close my eyes
Remembering the promise I made
I'm so sick of lies
I want you to be okay, I pray you didn't cut too deep
I want my phone to shake
:iconidreaminglasscolor:idreaminglasscolor 3 24
Our Future
Look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain
it seems it wont be long until i go insane
all my words are muting, i can not speak
let me see my future, give me a peek.
Everyday i wake up to this same dream
wishing and hoping my prince will save me
searching for my lover, i try to seek
let me see my future, give me a peek.
One day he found me, he looked me in the eyes
not was i expected, the boy was in disguised
he took me by my hand, then kissed me on the cheek
I slowly saw my future, but just a little peek.
He looked inside my heart, seeing my pain.
my one and only saviour, that wiped out all the rain
my lips were shut close, as my lover would speak
"can you see OUR future? i'll give you a peek."
:iconidreaminglasscolor:idreaminglasscolor 8 23
Feed Me
Come in,
Sit down,
Make yourself comfortable!
You think
I will devour your soul?
Well, just
The two of us, I plan to!
But let's
Be real:
What use is that thing to you?
So come...
Feed me!
Inferno's always ready!
I'll take
The blood
Of this unwanted baby!
I'll tear
His flesh,
And taste the blood that is shed;
But don't
Panic -
You won't feel; it's not your head!
His pain's
Not yours;
So leave the brat to me now.
You can
Live free
If you choose not to care how!
You will
Get scarring and depression
It's not
My fault
You'll never learn your lesson!
I drink
Their blood;
But that can't satisfy me,
So I
Just love
To bite the hand that feeds me.
More blood! NOW!!!!
You're back
For more?
Well, isn't this just lovely!
Come in!
Sit down!
And with fresh blood - feed me!
:iconsorentense:sorentense 3 13
theres no more blood
Glass box
I'm running around
screaming, scratching
trying to get out
everyones watching me shout
no emotion just watching trying my hardess to get out
the glass soundproof
shaking in a ball
back and forth
let me out let me out
:icondarkly-disturbed:darkly-disturbed 1 1
i heart jack by spellfire42489 i heart jack :iconspellfire42489:spellfire42489 38 6
An Insane Mind
My mind can't stay on one path.
It is in such a confused state.
Imagine one long, knotted piece of string.
That's how my mind is working like right now.
Undo one part, another gets worse.
Then you fix another
And the last one knots again.
This is the picture of insanity.
They try, they really do.
The problem is they can't truly be fixed.
They trick themselves into thinking they're cured.
They are dead wrong.
One day they'll snap.
And when they snap they'll kill anyone, anything.
Even themselves if given the chance.
:iconomg-pancakes:OMG-Pancakes 11 1
Nothing Lives Within the Shell
Joy no longer lives here
Within this empty shell
It only cries endlessly
Showers of sorrow and pain
It no longer knows of love
Or happiness unchained
Only struggle and hardship
Only loneliness and shame
Happiness doesn’t live here
I’m just walking shell
Starring blankly outward
Refusing to watch the show
Forgetting those around me
And everything I know
Turning inward to my thoughts
Nowhere left to go
:iconiamhugh:IAMHUGH 2 4
Love and Heartbrake
You walk into the room and find me on the floor
You wonder if I'm hurting and I tell you not any more
You look at my face with wonder and try to see if I'm lieing through my eyes
You look at my eyes and they are as blue as the skys
You stop with that notin
So you can make a motion
You feel the impulse to hold me in your arms and try to make things right
I tell you to go and that I don't want you in my sight
Confussed and hatred are in your eyes
As you walk out the door with out saying "byes"
You know that I could never tell you how much our love had meant
But we both knew that time was already spent
I loved you as much as you loved me
And thought about you even thougth it was never ment to be
I've spent the last few night talking in my sleep
And no one but me can ever hear a peep
You've wasted your time loveing me and giving me what I don't deserve
But even though I don't deserve it I still want to observe
This beautieful child so lovely with charm
Sleeping in my arm
:icondana-scully:Dana-Scully 3 13
Im so in Love with you?
Im so in Love with You?
I have your face, your smile
painted on the walls of my mind.
Your scent between me
and my pillow sheets
I feel your touch, your finger tips
I'm drawn to you.
Im so in love with you,
Why do I feel like im dying inside.
Im so in love with you,
how can your touch feel so vile.
Im so in love with you,
What's wrong with me?!
Im so in love with you,
My heart is weeping.
I want you, I need you
Like a drug, like caffeine
I fucking crave it.
Ill get on my knees,
Ill do as you please.
Im your demented ragdoll
play with me, please.
Im so in love with you,
I can hardly breath
Im so in love with you,
My chest is in pain
Im so in love with you,
Why do I feel this way?
Im so in love with you,
Why wont this go away!
I can't help but stare,
into your eyes
I feel so safe, so calm
Fucking jesus chris!
I want you
I miss you, I think
I love you.
Im so in love with you,
I feel so worthless
Im so in love with you,
There meaning less words
Im so in love with you,
:iconcrappymoose:CrappyMoose 1 2
Right Where It belongs.. by HolicK Right Where It belongs.. :iconholick:HolicK 1 1
Don't pretend to know me,
Don't pretend to care,
Don't think you're clever;
I can see in your eyes, there's nothing really there.
Don't lend a hand,
Don't ask if I'm okay,
Don't think I'll trust you,
When I know you'll look the other way.
Don't be nosy,
Don't be mean,
Don't cry for attention,
Don't make a big scene.
:iconowillowo:oWilloWo 56 125
:kiwf: by LeoLeonardo :kiwf: :iconleoleonardo:LeoLeonardo 2,551 976 Chaos Berserker by NachoMon Chaos Berserker :iconnachomon:NachoMon 289 27
At The Hospital
I held your hand listening to the monitors beep your life away, watching the fading people in white cover there face. I watched your tan skin fade to pure white I felt the chill of the emotionless desire to save your life. I stud by and did nothing, they stud by drawing blood by the hour. Your eyes grew heavy until they would not open, every hour your breath grew sour. They said you felt nothing but you screamed for days. They said you were at peace but your body twitched and fumbled every which way. Thoughts of murder raced through my head, as I grew silent and still next to your bed. They couldn’t save your life, they lied strait through there teeth. I watched the line go flat as you took your last breath.
I ripped the gun strapped to my chest. I’ll see you soon.
:icongerardismylover:gerardismylover 7 100
Fangs So Sharp
Deadly lovers,
My hands are shaking your
Lips are quivering, your touch
Brings joy-mine bring pain.
You’re full of life healthy and pale
But I am not the same, I became icy
And stale.
My hands are wondering your knees
Are bulking. Your skin is warm and
Soft beneath me, your body screams
Of pain but your eyes show bliss. as
I stare you in the eyes.
I was once like you warm and happy
But that was long ago when I still had
A soul. Although you should know
I was always by your side, friends
And lovers. I died you cried, I made
A vow to come back for you and here
I stand,
Cold as stone, your heart no longer beats
Your touch is icy cold, were together at last
Midnight lovers, it’s our turn to turn
This city into a flowing river of blood.
:icongerardismylover:gerardismylover 2 11



United States
well, there isnt much to know about me. my favorite thing to do is go for a jog, but ironically ive had a blood clot in my right leg, and third degree burns on my left, so i really have to try to get anywhere with it. i have very few friends because id rather have a few good friends than hundreds of acquaintances. if you want to know anything else, drop me a note or a comment, tell me whats up

oh, and one more thing, i rarely wear shirts. the only time i wear shirts is when im going out into public
im not a fan of being confined in clothing

Current Residence: palm coast florda
Favourite genre of music: hard rock
MP3 player of choice: I-pod classic
Wallpaper of choice: warhammer
Personal Quote: "plan like you'll live forever, but live like youll die today."
when I close my eyes and listen to this song I can almost fool myself into thinking you are here

try not to feel like you're nothing without me. you would be something, a very special, amazing something. you aren't a part of me, you are a separate entity that helps me complete who I want to be, and I look to return the favor. you make me immensely happy and though we could live independent of each other, I much prefer our current situation. never think you need me to survive, I'm simply here to make surviving more enjoyable. like today, you've chosen to be separate from me, and I respect that choice. you never HAVE to spend time with me.

on an unrelated note, you concerned me a bit today. your confidence seems almost nonexistent, though it should be very prominent in someone as capable as you. you seem to not understand how much you are set apart not only from people your own age but from people in general. you are much more intelligent, beautiful, level-headed, and many more traits i could go on to name than most people achieve in their lifetime. most people with such traits would be as narcissistic as I once was lol. you have every right to be confident, you should feel more like I'm lucky to be with you, because I truly am. there actually was a time where I thought you might not be interested me, you said you weren't looking for anything serious and when I got to know you I most definitely was. you altered the course of my life in a way I think only I can truly realize <3


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gaarochimaruzamaki Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009
ahem:"dearest lovely watcher, i regret to inform you that i have moved, and some of my deviations you might have faved could have been deleted!!! ohnoes!!! :faint: You can now find me here: [link] thank you for your time!" :glomp:
Daiuski Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So are you ok now? What happened? That was wierd.
ultrarant Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
indeed it was
my dad called the coppers and they picked me up
Daiuski Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I cant believe all that happened the night I talked to you
ultrarant Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
i knoow
it was insane
but im used to insane by this point
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darkly-disturbed Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ultrarant Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
that's a nice name

so tell me rosie, what are some of your hobbies?
darkly-disturbed Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
why thank you


listening to music
watching films
going out with my mates

bout it really

what about you? :)
darkly-disturbed Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
makes sense :)
ultrarant Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009

so my name is Rant
what's yours?
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